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Costa Corporate Center

South Florida offers several top quality class A industrial products for major corporations and Fortune 500 companies. However, Costa Corporate Center in the Airport West area of Miami was built for smaller companies.

Although Paul Douglas had worked in the area before with the Eaton Group and the Codina Group, this was his first project as owner and president of Miami-based Douglas Development Group. In an effort to develop something unique to the area, he worked in a joint effort with the absentee landowners and Cambo Realty in Miami to build the almost 200,000 square foot warehouse facility. 

"We identified a niche in the South Florida market by bringing a class A institutional product to users who would not ordinarily have that type of space available for purchase," said Douglas.

The project architects, Horton, Harley & Carter out of Tampa, designed two buildings, with a total of 24 bays. Each Structure has a two-story office facade designed with a Mediterranean motif in order to look more like an office park as it blends in with the surrounding residential area. All shipping and receiving is insulated from public view in the center of the property.

The for-sale product was constructed by the Tower Group in Miami. Completed in June 1999, it is already two thirds sold. The warehouse caters to a variety of import/export clients ranging from flower company Duamex to dry goods company Promo International.

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